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  • Kellogg

Automated Calling System

Use our mass notification app to send out automated phone calls to a list of phone numbers in seconds. We make it easy for you to create, schedule and send your automated phone call to all your contacts at once.

Mass Text Messaging

Quickly and easily send mass text messages to an entire list of phone numbers at once using our mass notification service. DialMyCalls offers both long code and short code text messaging. Reach your audience immediately!

Bulk Email Service

Our free bulk email feature allows recipients to listen to your recording or read your text message via email. Include email addresses in your contact file, and you’ll be ready to send your mass notification!

Our free bulk email feature allows recipients to listen to your recording or read your text message via email. Include email addresses in your contact file, and you’ll be ready to send your mass notification!

Send Messages on the Go with Our Mass Notification App

DialMyCalls’ mass notification solution is easily accessible on your favorite mobile device. Just download the app and send your notifications from anywhere.

iOS and Android message exchange

API & Integrations

DialMyCalls' mass notification offering can be easily integrated into any new or existing service through our powerful API. Seamlessly integrate automated voice messages or texting communications into your internal applications.

Salesforce, Mailchimp, Slack API Integration


Our 40,000+ customers have sent over a billion text and voice messages

What Makes Our Mass Notification System Convenient

Send mass notification messages anytime your organization needs to communicate with your entire list of contacts or any size subset. Whether you’re at the office or on the road, DialMyCalls is easy to access, which makes communications convenient and simple.

Voice Broadcasting Service

Our easy to use voice broadcasting system lets you send your voice message to an entire list of phone numbers in seconds.

Text Message (SMS) Broadcasting

Create your text message and we'll send it out to everyone on your list. Keep track of responses and reply back with our 2-way SMS.

Customer Support

Our amazing customer support team is here 7 days a week to help with any questions or issues you might have. Call us right now at 1-800-928-2086.

Security & Privacy

Our customer's privacy is our utmost concern. We never release or sell information in your account. All data in your account is strictly yours.

Detailed Broadcast Statistics

Whether you're sending a text message or voice broadcast you'll get a detailed report within minutes after your broadcast is sent.

Contact Management System

Don't waste your time adding numbers one by one into your account. Easily import all of your phone numbers and contact information in seconds.

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Mass Notification Solutions for Your Industry

DialMyCalls is flexible enough to be the best mass notification system for any business, organization or company. Send mass voice messages, bulk text messages or emails in seconds!

What people say about us

Wow! This is great! Rain outs are a fact of life playing baseball in Oregon. With this system I can just send one message to contact the entire team and parents by phone and email-- very cool.

I use Dial My Calls to contact our clients to invite them to come back in for second visits. It makes getting repeat business easier!

I use DialMyCalls to keep my Girl Scout troop informed of meetings, field trips and events. It is a great time-saver - I make one recording and it calls each parent and e-mails them, too. I can even schedule the call ahead of time!

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