Mass Calling & Texting Additional Features

Additional Features & Support

On top of all our Voice broadcasting, SMS Broadcasting, and integrations, DialMyCalls offers a plethora of additional features and a top-notch customer support team to enhance our mass notification platform. Here you will find every feature that our service has to offer!

Over 40,000+ Organizations Rely On Us To Deliver Millions Of Voice And SMS Messages!

  • Georgia-Pacific
  • Goodwill
  • Chrysler
  • YMCA
  • USA Network
  • The University Of New Mexico

What Makes Our Mass Notification System Great

We make it easy for you to create, schedule and send your automated phone call, text message and/or email to all your contacts at once. Take a look at all the features our service offers:

And Much More!!

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What People Say?

Wow! This is great! Rain outs are a fact of life playing baseball in Oregon. With this system I can just send one message to contact the entire team and parents by phone and email-- very cool.

I use Dial My Calls to contact our clients to invite them to come back in for second visits. It makes getting repeat business easier!

I use DialMyCalls to keep my Girl Scout troop informed of meetings, field trips and events. It is a great time-saver - I make one recording and it calls each parent and e-mails them, too. I can even schedule the call ahead of time!

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