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DialMyCalls offers a mass notification system that is capable of sending hundreds of voice + text messages instantly.

Used By Over 25,000 Organizations Across The US & Canada

Below are just a few of the groups that are using us to keep everyone informed.

When it comes to mass notifications, no one does it better than DialMyCalls. For over 10 years we’ve been providing automated outbound calling systems. Our system is completely web-based so there’s no equipment or hardware to purchase.

By tapping into our system you instantly have the ability to send out thousands of calls per minute for as little as pennies a call. Over 20,000 people & organizations use DialMyCalls because of our ease of use, low prices and top notch customer support.

Types Of Non-Profit Notifications & Reminders Sent By DialMyCalls Customers:

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Ease Of Use

Our control panel is simple and painless to use. Until now, mass notification systems have been confusing and hard to operate. We’ve setup DialMyCalls so you can record your message and send out a call to a list of phone numbers within minutes.

High Volume Broadcasting Infrastructure

The infrastructure we’ve put into place can handle any volume of calls you can throw at it. We send call blasts for youth sports teams of 10 people up to emergency notifications which can call millions of phone numbers. We’re designed to handle anything and everything in between.

Detailed Broadcast Reports

Our call reports are amazing! After every call is sent you’ll see exactly what happened on every call in your notification blast. This includes whether the call went to voice mail, was answered live, returned a busy signal, or if the number was out of service. You’ll also see how long each call was connected for. All reports are downloadable so you can save them to your own computer.

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"Thank you for creating a web based business aide that is truly user friendly. As a small business owner, I am constantly looking for low cost, efficient and easy to use resources. Thank you for developing Dial My Calls."

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