Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Systems

DialMyCalls offers an emergency notification system that is perfect for all businesses both large and small.

Used By Over 25,000 Organizations Across The US & Canada

Below are just a few of the organizations that are using us to keep everyone informed.

  • Georgia-Pacific
  • Goodwill
  • Chrysler
  • USA Network
  • YMCA

Unfortunately, almost every business is going to run into some sort of disaster that needs to be handled. In these unfortunate times you should be ready with a way to communicate to your staff and/or customers in a timely fashion.

With DialMyCalls, you can rest assured that you can send notifications to everyone within minutes. The last thing you need in a time of emergency is people calling for status reports. By using an outbound system you can quickly send phone call or text message updates on an ongoing basis until the situation is resolved.

How Can DialMyCalls Be Used For Your Business?

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Pay As You Go

There are no contracts or ongoing fees. We realize that disasters are rare and think its unfortunate that many companies continue to bill a company for a service that has never been used. With our credit packages you can simply purchase your calls or text messages when you need them. You can even purchase them now and have them ready to go in the future. Our call/text message credits never expire so you can buy them today and use them months from now with no problem.

Redundant Servers

Due to the mission critical nature of our services, our technology is totally redundant and strategically located in datacenters around the country. We’ve taken great care to make sure that all of the facilities where our calling equipment is housed are in areas with low risk of natural disaster. All of our telco facilities are housed by 24/7 support & have diesel generators able to supply power for days in times of power outages.

Ease Of Use

Our system is entirely web-based which means you won’t need to purchase any expensive equipment or hardware. To get set up you can simply do everything right from your online control panel. We also offer a phone in system which allows you to call into our toll-free number, enter your PIN and record/send your message out immediately. This way even if you’re not around a computer you can still get your messages out. Feel free to give us a call anytime at 1-800-928-2086 if you have questions or need help getting started.

Why Use DialMyCalls For Your Business?

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What DialMyCalls Users Have To Say About The Service:

"Thank you for creating a web based business aide that is truly user friendly. As a small business owner, I am constantly looking for low cost, efficient and easy to use resources. Thank you for developing Dial My Calls."

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